Work Model & Project Stages

We offer professional design service with a full range of interior design. The entire process consists of smaller steps. Each step is explained below.

We start each cooperation with the initial conversation with the client. If the investor decides to work with us, we carry out a local vision of the place, next we move on to further conversations in which the investor defines his guidelines and gets to complete the survey. To find out next steps continue reading.

Investor needs analysis & Moodboard

First step is a local vision of the place. Next, we create an individual profile based on the survey that was previously taken by the investor and earlier conversation. It helps to precisely define customer needs and create a project.

Functional plans

The second step is to start working on a functional interior plans, taking into account all previous guidelines. We present the client with several interior arrangements solutions so that he can choose his favourite. We also try to engage the client to work with us by listening to his needs to create the perfect functional arrangement.

Conceptual design - photoreal renderings

After getting the approval from the client and establishing the final functional plan, we start working on the interior concept. The investor will also recieve a concept in the form of multiple renderings presented as a multimedia presentation.

Executive Project & Cost Estimate

Based on the previous plans, we proceed to implement executive project which is divided into 4 parts. Each part has detailed drawings for contractors (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.)

Author's supervision

We supervise contractors to ensure, that every detail is in line with the design and client's expectations.

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