Quasi Dormitory


Private Investor


Concept of modern dormitory

Concept of modern dormitory.

Quasi is a unique architectural object designed to meet its inhabitants’ needs. The student house has not only a residential part but also a zone dedicated to interactions between students. Each of the residents has at their disposal a large room with its own bathroom, which provides the privacy necessary for young people in the long-term rental. The building is clearly zoned, each floor has a different function: Underground-car park, ground floor-social, 1st and 2-floor floors. In addition, the residential floors are also divided into additional parts: family, double, and single. Each is separated from the other so that residents with different lifestyles and needs do not interfere with each other.


The name Quasi – refers to quasicrystals that are perfect in their form and structure, as well as the materials used in the facade and the body of the building that will perfectly fit the building. The building harmonizes with the existing buildings.
Vitrolite that covers virtually the entire building makes Quasi monumental, and light in its form. With the properties of vitality, the building changes its character depending on the time of day. During the day it gives the impression of a massive building, at night, due to the lighting, it becomes light in reception.