Eclectic Interior

Colourful & Eclectic design

Our client’s intention was to “make the place look bigger” and with a small interior like this, the best idea for it was to breathe in more space by installing sliding doors in the wall separating the bedroom and living room. Thanks to this, the interior seems like one single open space. Walls in wheat colour combined with bleached wood floor constitute a uniform background for the characteristic elements of the interior design.

The bedroom hides an eastern temperament. Beautiful wallpapers with their colours go perfectly with the living room design. The green carpet looks almost like moss. The bed despite its rather classic form gained a softer look.
The living room is kept in an eclectic style, which is a combination of a few styles in itself. In this particular interior, we can observe industrial style, minimalistic and classic elements. The decor is full of colours which give the place a warm feeling. The powder pink sofa matches perfectly with the colourful carpet.

Strong colour accents are lamps that emphasize the character of the eclectic interior. As the TV was not supposed to dominate the interior, we decided to use a Samsung frame that perfectly camouflages the interior.

Above the chest of drawers, we can find a beautiful work of a local painter Maurice Reidy. The colours of the painting perfectly combine the colours of the entire interior on the canvas.

The painting is still available for purchase on the artist’s website:

Eclectic dream

 Stunning art and furniture.


The modern design of black lamps looks great with wallpaper.

Modern Art

The colors of the interior blend with the painting




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